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SyPly Lamarty

Quality system

15 06 2018 

Сертификат о соответствии системы качества стандарту систем менеджмента ISO 9001:2015
Certificate of conformity of the quality system to the standard management systems ISO 9001:2015
Certificate No. 52666-2009-AQ-MCW-FINAS. This is to certify that SYKTYVKAR PLYWOOD MILL (at Ukhtinskoe shosse 66, 167026...

Valid to 30.06.2021

29 05 2017 

Заключение № 584 о состоянии измерений в лаборатории
Conclusion No. 584 on the state of measurements in the laboratory
This conclusion certifies that the production laboratory of the quality service of Syktyvkar Plywood Mill LTD has the necessary...

Действовал до 28.05.2020

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