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Occupational safety and health


One of the most important social tasks of an enterprise – ensuring safe working conditions at the enterprise and health protection. At the plant, workplaces are regularly assessed, the results of which provide benefits and compensation, modern personal protective equipment is selected that combines high protective properties and convenience.

The company has an equipped gym. Administration Ltd. « PPS » partly compensates for their employees occupations in the Palace of Sports "wallet".
According to the results of the competition of the city competition of 2011, LLC “Syktyvkar Plywood Plant” » 1 place was awarded in the nomination "The best organization of work in the field of labor protection among large enterprises of the production sphere".

25 11 2013 

Лучшее экологически ответственное предприятие России
Best of environmentally responsible company in Russia
As part of the Russian industry and Environmental Forum "RosPromEko 2013" the round table was held "On the implementation of...

01 12 2011 

Лучшая организация работы в области охраны труда среди крупных предприятий производственной сферы
The best organization of work in the field of labor among large enterprises of industrial sphere
According to the results of the competition state conditions and safety in enterprises of Syktyvkar for 2010 is awarded to...
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