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(8212) 29-37-00


SyPly Lamarty
  • The largest Russian manufacturer of chipboard
    Premium Class and Large Format Plywood
  • Raw materials exchange provides
    smooth operation of the plant
  • Production of laminated chipboard over 300 th. m3 per year
  • Warehouse for finished products
  • The largest production of plywood and chipboard in Europe, the production area of 52 ha

  • Plywood warehouse provides uninterrupted shipment

About company

Syktyvkar Plywood Mill ltd. is one of the leading manufactures of woodbased panels – plywood and chipboard.

Great experience together with modern manufacturing facilities and the latest wood processing equipment guarantee producing of high standard products. The best selected wood from taiga and birch groves are used in our production, slow-grown Northern timber gives special strength to the panel. Syktyvkar Plywood Mill offers users a wide range of high-quality plywood products popular in all-around applications. A broad spectrum of panel thickness and film decors allow application almost in any industry. Among our main customers there are leading building and furniture manufactures of Russia, Europe and North America.

Syktyvkar Plywood Mill occupies one of the leading positions among manufacturers of woodbased panels during more than 25 years.

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Solid capacity: More than 230 000 m3 of plywood and 300 000 м3 chipboards per year


Equipment  "Raute" (Finland), "Steinemann" (Switzerland).


We work with more than 1500 people, professionals in their field.