About Us

Syktyvkar Plywood Mill ltd. is one of the leading manufactures of woodbased panels – plywood and chipboard. Great experience together with modern manufacturing facilities and the latest wood processing equipment guarantee producing of high standard products. The best selected wood from taiga and birch groves are used in our production, slow-grown Northern timber gives special strength to the panel.

Syktyvkar Plywood Mill offers users a wide range of high-quality plywood products popular in all-around applications. A broad spectrum of panel thickness and film decors allow application almost in any industry. Among our main customers there are leading building and furniture manufactures of Russia, Europe and North America.

Equipment: “Rauma-Repola”, “Raute Wood” – Finland, “Steinemann” – Switzerland, “Dieffenbaher” – Germany.

The annual production capacity of the enterprise amounts more than 220 000 m3 of plywood and more then 300 000 m3 of chipboard.

The personnel is about 1500 employees.

Syktyvkar Plywood Mill occupies one of the leading positions among manufacturers of woodbased panels during more than 40 years.

We are looking forward our production to meet the strictest requirements and customers` demand. We are trusted by our customers and have achieved a high level of success because of the nice quality and performance of all products we make. The optimum price and nice quality, continuous product development, quality international and Russian certificates, the Government and competitive awards - all this allows to consider our panels top-quality and expensive production.

Good quality is not merely a slogan for the benefit of our audiences. In our opinion, adherence to high standards makes good long term economic sense. Providing quality in production and service will increase sales, profits, market stability and customer loyalty.

SPM is located in the richest wood resource region. Environmental work is of major strategic importance for us. Our aim is to preserve the natural forests by technical development of deep processing for complete utilization of the waste products. SPM is constantly working at environmental protecting programs and investing significant amounts on these purposes.

SPM is one of the largest and most profitable enterprises of Northwestern Russia. The stable financial position gives us an opportunity to advance, realize large investment projects and improve wood processing equipment facilities. The strategy is to attract, maintain and develop the best employees through its training policy. Financial prosperity assures the adequate salary to employees, profits to the owners, and benefit for all society as essential monetary deductions to the budget and charities.

In order to attract most qualified experts and further development of their professional abilities SPM is promoting good working conditions, improving social programs, providing benefits.

The greatest value for SPM is to meet the customers` exact specifications. We are trying to experiment in order to find a better way and it is our focus to be totally responsive to each customer’s needs. Therefore we’re constantly working above the product consumer properties perfection, service optimization and mutual relation with buyers. The latest information technologies and ongoing developments in computering systems are launched for improvement of service and operative reaction to customers` requirements. Strict requests to suppliers of raw materials and high-performance outfit guarantee high quality production and allow fulfilling customers` orders precisely in time.

Our main principles are orientation toward the consumers` interests and high quality production, stability and long-term cooperation.

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