Plywood SyPly in the Dachny Answer project on the NTV channel. A field-war novel.

The authors of the project faced a difficult task - to transform the former military facility into a modern recreation space.

The Dachny Answer team did a tremendous job, since the changes were not limited to the perimeter of a small shelterAlteration in a country house transformed the site, focusing all the warmth of the owners in one placeThe project united three zones of "fire": a fireplace, a fireplace and a bathhouseThe dome of the former military facility has turned into a relaxation zone, and a full-fledged wine collection is located in the very center of the facility.The functionality of the recreation complex was supplemented by a summer kitchen with a barbecue area

The interior space of the winery is made at the junction of modernism and the pastState-of-the-art wall material resonates with massive metal elements that echo the history of rustAnd furniture made from natural materials dilutes the brutality of the room

A rack from SyPly plywood with a folding table, at which you can taste drinks in silence and solitude

You will find a description and video of the broadcast of this interior on the official website of the TV show "Dachny Answer" Air from 21/11/2021

Authors of the project: " AMProjectus ", Kerimov Rustam and Safronov Mark