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SyPly Lamarty


New furniture appeared in the classes of the gymnasium. A.S. Pushkin
New furniture appeared in the classes of the gymnasium. A.S. Pushkin
This was made possible thanks to the support of Syktyvkar Plywood Factory LLC, provided to an educational institution


New SyPly packaging
Starting from January, 2018 for SyPly plywood we use new automatic packing line "Cross Wrap" (Finland).


Plywood ProFFit
We have developed and put into production a new type of plywood - ProFFit


Brand new product - Edgebanding Lamarty.
Syktyvkar plywood mill presents a brand new product - PVC edgebandig Lamarty.


With Lamarty win!
At the All-Russian boxing competitions held in St. Petersburg, Ilya Timofeev entered the top five and became a member of the junior national team of...


We took part in the exhibition "Furniture-2017"
The exhibition was held in Moscow from November 20 to November 24, 2017.


Lamarty Conference
In the framework of the exhibition "Furniture 2017" Lamarty conference was held


The first Syktyvkar plywood mill LTD certificate of conformity to requirements...
For the first time Syktyvkar plywood mill LTD has received confirmation of compliance to CARB requirements (California Air Resources Board).


SyPly plywood at Tektonica Trade Fair 2017, Lisbon, Portugal.
SyPly plywood was presented by the company MULTIPLACAS at the 19th International Building and Construction Trade Fair “Tektonica” which was held in...


Plywood of SyPly Ltd. was represented at the exhibition SEEBBE 2017 in Serbia
OMEGA PROFEKS presented plywood to Syktyvkar Plywood Mill in Belgrade


Film faced plywood of SyPly was brought to the market of Moldova
"Constructmet Grup" SRL presented the film faced plywood of Syktyvkar Plywood Mill.


Love for the native enterprise is inherited
Entire generations of families have been working in the enterprise for decades.


Lamarty seminars were held in Perm, Krasnoyarsk and Orenburg!
Lamarty annually holds regional seminars in which furniture companies take part.


Lamarty and SyPly win!
Syktyvkar Plywood Factory LLC has repeatedly been and is a sponsor of various sports destinations.


"The main thing in the house"
a seminar was held at the Furniture Academy in Kirov


Author's handwriting Lamarty
For the new season, eight trendy decors were introduced to the Lamarty collection.


Lamarty Decor Library for bCAD
We started cooperation with PoliSOFT Consulting to create the Lamarty Decor Catalog library for work in the "bCAD Salon", "bCAD Furniture" and "bCAD...


New Lamarty decors
New decors Lamarty 2016/2017 were presented at the conference in Altai Republic
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