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20 April 2018
WKI-17-561 Approval for unfaced birch plywood SyPly™ (PF)

Valid to 20 April 2020

According to supervision contract no. 561 we herewith attest that for the unfaced birch plywood SyPly™ (PF) manufactured by Syktyvkar Plywood Mill Ltd. comlpies with the emission class E1, was received a document that proves ULEF exemption under EPA TSCA Title VI. The application includes a valid CARB Executive Order with number N-16-108 for an Exemption from the testing and certification requirements. The application for approval was deemed complete on August 30, 2017 by the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research (TPC 4). Furthermore it was found, that the evidence submitted by the applicant meets the criteria for an ULEF manufacturer to be exempt from testing and certification requirements of §770.20.

  1. Скачать EO N-18-108 освобождения от тестирования фанеры марки ФСФ