(8212) 29-37-00

(8212) 29-37-00


SyPly Lamarty


01 January 2020
Attestation to the сertificate No. E[D2020]-561-2019 for birch urea-formaldehyde plywood

Valid to 20 December 2020

birch plywood manufactured by Syktyvkar Plywood Mill Ltd. for building purposes complies with the requirements of the Fraunhofer WKI certification program E[D2020] in regard to formaldehyde release.

Therefore, this attestation confirms the compliance with the requirements of the “Ordinance on bans and restrictive measures for the marketing of hazardous substances, preparations and products according to the Chemicals Act” (Chemikalien-Ver- botsverordnung - ChemVerbotsV), Appendix 1 to § 3, prohibition of placing on the market, ‘Entry 1: Formaldehyde’ Clause 2 (1), in regard to the current valid formaldehyde limit values as well as for those which will become effective in Germany from January 1, 2020.

  1. AT561 ULEF ED2020 2019 4 Syktyvkar_e